"Go Custom Built Desktop"

Starting at $650....We Can Build Your Dream Computer!

    (Monitor NOT Included In Price)

    • Asus Motherboard
    • AMD FX 3.5Ghz 6 Core Processor
    • Kingston HyperX16GB DDR3
    • WD Black 1TB Drive
    • Asus DVD Burner
    • Windows 7 or 8.1

    Our mission is simple: keeping your computer(s) reliable for your home business or entertainment purpose. Too many times we have seen other IT consulting firms recommend solutions that are not appropriate for the specific client's needs or will over charge them. That is unacceptable. We will always offer you "Professional Service, Reliable Equipment and/or Repairs and Affordable pricing structure". We strive to make all forms of technology we sell or support understandable to you and in a language you will actually understand . As your technology guru, when your needs grow so will ours, therefore, we will work hand in hand with you to support your growth as a Business or Consumer.


    Repair and Estimation Terms

    By placing an order for repair, estimation, or a free estimate service you certify that you are the devices rightful owner and that you agree and understand the following:

    1. Repairing or attempting repair on a phone or computer with any sort of liquid damage can cause the device not to power on under certain circumstances.
    2. All repair work, attempts, and parts are not refundable.
    3. Any physical damage and or liquid damage will not be covered by the warranty.
    4. Camden Computer Tech is not responsible for any data loss.
    5. Camden Computer Tech is not responsible for any further damage that may result from any estimation or repair attempt.
    6. A free repair estimate is only applicable if you choose to have the phone or computer repaired or otherwise serviced, or if you do not want the phone or computer back and request for it to be recycled. If you do not want your phone or computer repaired or if it is unrepairable, a $30 bench fee will be assessed and you are responsible for the cost of return shipping.
    7. If customer supplies parts or spares for repair, warranty does not apply.
    8. Water and liquid damage repairs may require additional replacement parts that will be quoted to the customer at time of liquid damage assessment.